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Online Fish Table Games Terms
Players, no matter how experienced and skilled, need to understand the rules of fish table games. This will help players get a good foundation, not lose money unjustly. The following Glossary will often appear in online fish table games. Players do not forget to refer to improve the possibility of winning in online fish table games.

Bonus game: Players will receive additional rewards if they kill a large creature, or win a special prize. Depending on the game, the rewards can be cash or follow-ups.
Coin Level: Used to indicate the amount that the player will bet on that game. The total bet amount is calculated by row, with the corresponding bet amount in each row.
Wild: When the player wins a combination, it will be used to substitute for another symbol.
Extra Wild: This is a symbol that will appear when the player gets an extra bonus. Or it appears along with other features in the game.
Expanding Wild: The player can win multiple rewards in the combo. Players can understand it is the feature that adds the bonus amount while playing.
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