4 Grammar & Punctuation Mistakes Your Professor Wants You To Avoid

Most of the students are unable to fetch high grades in their essays due to the use of incorrect grammar, spelling and punctuation. It takes only a few hours of extra effort and practices to make your essays better.

You don’t want to submit an essay with glaring grammar and punctuation errors, do you? Check out these 4 grammar rules that your paper editor wants you to know. These tips will help you in the long run and elevate the quality of your essays easily.  

Implement the following tips while writing your coursework help to nail the paper like a pro. Also, you may not have to hire an essay editor since you can edit the paper yourself!

Tip 1: Run-on sentence

A run-on sentence consists of two complete sentences separated by a comma. This is not the same as other long sentences. You need to use a conjunction to fix a run-on sentence. You can have a word with online paper editing editors to understand the concept of run-on sentences even better.


Wrong: Practise gets over at 5 pm, you need to pick up Clara in time.

Right: Practise gets over at 5 pm, so you need to pick up Clara in time. 

You can also use a semi-colon or a period to complete the two sentences. You may take time to implement the changes. Until then, opt for online instant assignment help to make the changes for you.

Tip 2: Bad pronoun usage

Pronouns are wonderful little words that make writing and speaking easier. They replace nouns to make the writing look and sound simpler. Here is a terrible usage of pronoun that most of the students make:

Everybody must bring their own tiffin.

‘Their’ is a pronoun, but it is not appropriate for this sentence. His/her would have been perfect since it agrees with ‘everybody.’

Tip 3: Subject-verb disagreements

Many students type ‘edit my essay’ on Google because they assume editing is a time-consuming process. Well, it isn’t, if you know the right techniques. Errors in the subject-verb agreement are quite common among students. Keep a single rule in mind, and you can take care of it easily.

A singular subject needs a singular verb. A plural subject requires a plural verb.

Still confusing? Don't freak out, yet. Check out these examples to help you understand better.

Example 1

Wrong: There’s some wonderful books being published this week. 

Right: There are some wonderful books being published this week. 

Example 2

Wrong: Here’s guidelines to work on grammar errors. 

Right: Here are guidelines to work on grammar errors. 

Tip 4: Dangling modifiers

If you use Grammarly, then you must be familiar with this term. A Dangling modifier is a word that does not relate logically and clearly to the word it modifies. The sentence with a dangling modifier seems abrupt to your professors, and they will deduct marks without a second thought. Now you can eliminate these errors from your accounting homework help in no time. Here is an example of dangling modifiers:

Incorrect: Having finished the essay, the TV was turned on. 

Correct: Having finished the essay, Jill turned on the TV. 

‘Who turned on the TV?’ The first sentence doesn’t indicate the doer of the action.  But, the second sentence clearly states that ‘Jill’ has turned on the TV.

These are the most common mistakes students make in their English papers. Revise your paper thoroughly to keep a check on these flaws. Hopefully, nothing can stop you from getting good marks in the paper.

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