How to get One-person company registration in Marathahalli

Get your OPC or One person Company registration in Marathahalli and incorporate your services with easy, simply and affordable cost at consultry.


As the name itself suggest, In OPC, when a single person will have complete control over the business. Hence that person will be only shareholder and director of the company (The shareholder can add a nominee but the nominee won't have any real power). If an OPC company makes a turnover of RS. 2 crores continuously for 3 quarters, it must be converted into private limited company.

Remember that OPC registration in Marathahalli is the same as anywhere else in India.

Documents that are needed to register OPC

  1. Scanned copy of PAN card or a passport, for foreign national.
  2. Scanned documents of your driving license.
  3. Passport size photo.
  4. A copy of your signature.
  5. Electricity bill copy / bank statement / Phone bill invoice.

Please note that the first two documents must be self-attested by the company owner.

Apply for DSC and DIN.

Now, apply for DSC (Digital signature certificate) It is a digital encrypted key which contain identity details of a person. Then apply for DIS (Digital identification number) This is issued by the central govt to the director of a company, this has lifetime validity.

Select a unique name for your business , this must be different from the existing business names.

Also prepare with the following documents

  1. MOA, This Document will highlight the things company aims to follow.
  2. AOA, (Article of association) highlights the companies plans for operation within the law.
  3. If you add a nominee, you must consent in the form INC 3 and Submit his / her PAN or Aadhaar.
  4. You should also present a proof of ownership of the registered office, if it's a rented building get an NOC from the owner.
  5. A declaration letter that concludes all the appropriate compliances have been met.

All the documents which are mentioned above must be attached with a SPICe form, SPICe-MOA and SPICe-AOA on the MCA website. This step will confirm your registration.


This entire process might be hard to understand for some business owners, who don't have must experience in this sector. We recommend to contact Certvalue one of the Top OPC Registration Consultants in Marathahalli . We provide consultancy service for your business and make your job easy.


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