New World MMO Endgame Gearing Guide

Sir Medieval talks about gearing in the end-game in Amazon Games New World MMO

Ever wondered What To do At Level 60 in New World? Sir Medieval explains the maximum levl content, coin farming, loot farming as a well outlined Endgame Gearing Guide for New World. 

What’s going on folks hope you having a good day. Today we’re going to talk about what you can do it in game a new world to start gearing up your character. It might seem unclear at first, but you do have multiple options for getting on your way to max level gear score. These methods include legendary weapon questlines, faction gear side quests, arenas, expeditions, elite mob farming and points of interest outpost rush or invasions in game corrupted portals and of course crafted gear. So let’s start with the legendary weapon quest line. So just like in the preview, we do have the option of a fairly long quest chain to obtain various different legendary weapons.

This question still begins at Eastbourne outpost of great cleave and what I recommend doing to be safe is to each and every quest line and Eastbourne outpost which will bring you to Cleves point do West then Mountain Home to the north. And finally mountain rise just to the east of that when you finally get to mountain rise outposts and get a quest that says Matta Chi strat gem that should give you the Infinity crystal and you should unlock the legendary weapon questlines but I have heard that right now you need to level your weapon skill all the way up to 20 is a prerequisite for the quest line so make sure to be aware of that.


So currently in the game, we have access to all six expeditions and marine excavation, Star stone barrows, the depths dynasty shipyard, Lazarus expedition and garden of Genesis, but only the last three are the ones who really need to focus on it in game use are going to be capable of giving you purples and legendaries but also various different green and blue grade equipment that’s pretty decent to either use or sell the boss mobs themselves should occasionally have good drops, but the chest especially should deliver something most of the time. Now stone cutters are capable of crafting these orbs, but the best way to get them upon reaching endgame is to do the quest chains. So the main story quest seemingly ends around level 45. After you do the depth buffer dynasty shipyard you need to start doing the questions and urban scale and should eventually come to the quest line that gives you the expedition key. Same thing for the Lazarus expedition and Reek water and garden of Genesis and Eden Grove.


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