Tips to Optimize the Performance of your Budget on Facebook Ads 

Optimizing the performance of your budget in Facebook Ads is ideal to obtain a higher ROI, and achieve more conversions than errors.


The ease and even speed with which these types of campaigns on Facebook obtain positive results, or at least in comparison with paid actions in organic channels, make it attractive for many companies and brands.

And is that Facebook ads can give you multiple benefits, such as more traffic to your website, more interactions, reactions, and visits to your blog.

However, there are many mistakes that can be made when investing a budget in these Ads if their performance is not optimized.

Many times a lack of alignment of the investment with the marketing objectives of the company can be the trigger for a return that was not expected or contemplated.

On the other hand, it is necessary to understand that Facebook offers very specific campaign objectives that must be considered before investing a given budget:

  • Recognition.
  • Consideration.
  • Conversion.

Let's remember that for each of them, there are even more specific objectives, so, first of all, we want to ask you to review your strategy and see if it is complete enough in terms of information before launching into Facebook Ads.

On the other hand, according to Forrester, total spending on digital marketing in the United States will be close to 0 billion by 2021, which means that investment is still on an upward curve.

So it is definitely worth investing in campaigns this year and in the near future.

In any case, having a few tips to optimize the performance of your budget in Facebook Ads is ideal so that your return is as positive as possible.

Therefore, pay attention to the following:


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Think about your audience for the performance of your budget in Facebook Ads

With Facebook advertising, it's not so much about reaching the most people as it is about reaching the right people.

True, big numbers look amazing in your reports, but you need to reach people who are willing to discover your content, are curious about your business and are receptive to your message. And there are probably fewer people than you think.

When it comes to targeting and reaching your audience with a super-relevant message, you need to understand:

What platforms does your audience use? What types of language do they use and how do they communicate? What kind of content do they relate to most often?

Most of the time, you can find the answers to these questions through data and research.

One of the best places to look for information about your audience is Facebook's Audience Insights.

To do this, you must go to your fan page, click on the top where it says Statistics:

Then in Publications and thus see data about your audience by clicking Export:

You can download an Excel in which you will see the publications that were liked the most and the growth of your audience on the dates you select.

This is the best way to know who you are talking to.

Do storytelling

When Inbound Marketing talks about making useful and quality content to reach audiences in an optimal way, it is not joking at all.

Facebook Ads is about keeping up with the brand's way of selling.

Therefore, the best way to optimize the performance of your budget is to tell stories in your ads to capture the attention of your audiences.

Not only with the help of video you can also use the text to share valuable content to your audience to increase sales, as the audience are daily watching hundreds of ads daily, but you will also have to make your business ads, unique and engaging to get attention in the first look, It is so easy just do something that others are not doing, change your fonts, you can go with third party websites like crazy font generator , here you can get unique stylish fonts. 

Good campaigns of this type have some creative messages and a clear call to action to subscribe.

While you can guide the viewer through a simple narrative that includes an introduction to the brand, a brand article, and then a call to action to subscribe.




Make regular checks and adjustments

A few years ago, if you published an ad in traditional media, you had no idea what its performance was until the end of the campaign.

Now, social networks allow you to control the performance of your ad from the moment you set up the live campaign.

It can be tempting to set up your ad campaigns live and then come back to check the performance after each campaign is complete.

But by doing this, you are missing massive opportunities to improve the performance of each of your ads.

Monitoring your Facebook Ads campaigns in real-time lets you know if your ads are resonating with people and allow you to make adjustments as you go.

Here are some adjustment tips you could do:

  • If your clicks are slightly lower than expected, it might be worth changing your CTA.
  • If the engagement is not that high, give your storytelling more creativity.
  • If your reach is also below estimate, try updating your audience targeting parameters.

You can view the performance data of your ads in the Facebook Ads Manager so you don't miss out on the performance of your budget on Facebook Ads.

By selecting and clicking on your campaign you will be able to edit any of these aspects to make the required adjustments to optimize your performance.


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Use videos to increase your budget performance on Facebook Ads

Audiovisual material is always an excellent idea to increase reach on Facebook, and it is a good way for brands to publicize their business in a more detailed way.

Facebook for business recommends that to optimize the performance of your budget in Ads, you broadcast videos as follows:

  • First, choose the goal "Increase video views" in the ad creation tool.
  • You can improve your bids to increase video views by clicking "Optimize for video views - pay per impression."
  • Your ads will serve based on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and you will be billed for each time your video is viewed for three seconds for the least amount.


Optimize the conversion window

We don't know if you've noticed it, but the ad editor has been adding new options in the Optimization and Delivery section.

Although in this case, the options that are most used in the Optimize by conversion section are manual or automatic bidding or the type of delivery (standard or accelerated), the conversion window must also be taken into account.

By default, Facebook gives priority to those users who manage to convert in one day.

But despite this, if the purchase cycle of your product is longer, you can try seven days to see how it goes.



More than magic formulas, optimizing the performance of your budget in Facebook Ads depends entirely on you and your discipline.

Monitoring is key to knowing what is going well and what is going totally wrong, in order to make corresponding adjustments.

On the other hand, as always, content is king. It will be useless to apply all the performance advice they tell you if what you offer is not flashy.

It tells great stories and includes a call to action that people can't do anything but one click to.

Creativity is essential even for the budget issue so, in addition to using the necessary tools, a little ingenuity is essential so that your Facebook ads give you the return you expect.

Just as you do in your daily life, for the money to pay off you need strategy, invention, discipline and, above all, good advice that, at this point, we hope that ours have been useful for the performance of your budget in Facebook Ads.

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