Animal Crossing: New Horizon's new content in February 2021

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Although Animal Crossing: New Horizon did not have some key content from previous games in the series when it was released, Nintendo still kept the game fresh through a large number of consistent updates, adding new seasonal events, clothing, creatures, and more. Although the holiday season has brought many benefits in Animal Crossing: New Horizon, it seems that there will be more players in February this year.

Avid New Horizons players know that the arrival of the new moon means new fish. Like other video updates that are brought to the game every month, Nintendo has released a new video that contains all the content that must be provided in February, including Valentine's Day and Festivale. The videotape introduces new marine life that appeared in February, such as the Venus flower basket and sweet shrimp, and especially the return of the tiger beetle. In addition, the video introduces Valentine's Day in detail. In addition to the Festivale event the next day, chocolates and heart-shaped bouquets were added to the Nook shopping kiosk served by residents.

Apart from Valentine's Day, it can be said that the biggest event participant this month is Festivale, which witnessed the arrival of the special character Pave, a peacock who loves to Buy Animal Crossing Bells dance. Animal Crossing: New Horizons players who collect novel feathers and rare rainbow-colored feathers will be able to give them to Pave in exchange for enjoying special dances.

The video also emphasizes that the Able Sisters store will carry some fashionable clothing for players to wear during the Festivale. More importantly, the new update will also enable players to integrate into the holiday spirit by getting new reactions around dance. Animal Crossing: New Horizon also recently revealed that it seems that a new Mario-themed seasonal event will be held in March, possibly to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. Although it has not yet been confirmed what the upcoming event is, many players hope to see Mario-themed items returned to Animal Crossing.

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